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Take a tour of Top 10 Travel Attractions of Madrid, Spain – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hey, this is your travel host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top 10 attractions of Madrid, Spain.

Number ten, Plaza de Cibeles. Madrid is known for many beautiful squares like this one. The Cibeles fountain is an important symbol of this city.

Number nine, Almudena Cathedral. It took more than 100 years to complete its construction in 1993. The original site was occupied by Madrid’s first mosque.

Number eight, Puerta Del Sol. Madrid’s busiest square, a famous landmark here shows the Bear and the Strawberry Tree.

Number seven, Temple of Debod. Many people are surprised to learn that there’s an ancient Egyptian temple located right in the middle of Madrid City.

Number six, Rastro Market. Simply stroll through or buy anything you want in this world famous open air market.

Number five, Retiro Park. Among the world’s most beautiful parks, it is a favorite of city locals. There are striking landmarks and nicely landscaped gardens.

Number four, Reina Sofia Museum. The contemporary art museum houses thousands of great artworks from the likes of Picasso and Miró.

Number three, Plaza Mayor. Popular amongst both tourists and locals, it was constructed in the 16th century and has been the site of festivities, bull fights and executions.

Number two, Royal Palace. This grand lavish palace is the official residence of the royal family.

And number one, Prado Museum. One of the greatest museums in the world today, Prado Museum opened in 1819 and houses artworks from renowned artists such as Goya and Rubens.

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SuperRonArt says:

@geobeats, thanks for the video. It’s excellent. 

Enrique Parellada says:

If you come here to Madrid, get in touch with me using this video’s commentaries hahahaha. The only thing I know about your country is that you bring very beautiful ladies to Eurovision, thank you so much!! Yo soy Enrique 🙂

chucky3911 says:

jajajajajajajajajajajjajaajajajjajajajajajajajaj NO.

esmeralda tripiana duran says:

love madrid and spain

ConnollyCove says:

Great one!!!..Spain is on my wish list. 🙂

HunterofDoIts says:

“SpaniardsAreGypsies” = “CrimsonAlabamaSouth” = “Thorino0” = All the same Arabo-Jewish-Anatolian Italian New Yorker clown troll with a massive inferiority complex

Cris Cristiana says:

La puerta de Alcalá no está en el km 0, eso es la puerta del Sol, de donde salen todas las carreteras de España, que son radiales. La puerta de Alcalá está entre el cruce de la calle Alcalá con Serrano con Alfonso XII, y es una de las esquinas del Retiro. Por cierto, saludos al cafre analfabeto de sureño-hombre-blanco del kukus clan, jajajaja.

armani20 alexandrion says:

with what’s footbalul Spain as slaves arrived in rest of England, the invaders of Europe, will not we in England!

Clement Ng says:

Thyssen, sorolla, lazaro museums, america museum, escorial, aranjuez palaces, almudena cathedral

Luis Moreno says:

Oh man… I´ll never get tired of this city…Proud to call it home!

blavvva says:

Hi guys check my top 10 @

geobeats says:

Thanks so much for watching!

Craig Dicker says:

You left out the Bernabeu, how?

Álvaro Guillén says:

Would like to point out that Madrid’s Palacio Real is not really the residence of the Monarch, who resides nowadays in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. By the way, the first picture shown during the Puerta del Sol bit is actually from Gran Vía, not Sol.

Clement Ng says:

Naomi, where are your other brief best places to visit videos for other cities? Europe, asia, africa, americas, australasia, etc

Lo Jang says:

and Thyssen-Bornemisza ?

vaannebilim says:

forgot the royal theatre

Enrique Martinez says:

Wow Madrid was really a nice place. Ive been there and the people are great and the place was awesome. I did made a video for the review of Madrid can you check the video for more info

thecramb andreou says:

I love this country!!

hiimkian says:

Really sorry but , Barcelona is better.

Ria Bebong says:

Hey which one in pretier, Madrid or Barcelona for tour? .I will be in Spain in September but only short time

harry falkiner says:

gammon bitch

James Davies says:

Strawberrt Tree? Um isnt that disk, poor america, and face in the sky?

Cale Cale says:

The royal palace is not the official residende of the royal family, they live in the “Palacio de la Zarzuela” in north west Madrid. The Royal Palace is only used for grand events, and most of it is open to public, is amazing, and Sabatini gardens just next to the Palace give and stuning view of it.

Clement Ng says:

Which sites would you reccommend for tourists who have only a few days? Natural, visual arts, historical, architecture,

Sarkis Nersisyan says:

awww , yes, Armenian girls are beautiful,,,, so, i am sure i will be in Spain very soon:DDDi want to meet many many spanish people,,,,,ME ENCANTA ESPANA(SIRUM EM QEZ ISPANIA):))

Marcos Rodriguez Del Valle says:

I’m from Madrid and i have to say that your 10 things are nothing in compare all of the beautiful places Madrid has. Seriously, i’ll never leave this city, Madrid has magic.

aleccch says:

me ido de Madrid hace 3 meses y lo echo mucho de menos…Soy rumano y me he regresado en mi pais,pero siempre voy a tener unos de los mejores recuerdos de mi vida sobre Madrid.Un ciudad hermoso y el pueblo muy bueno.Hasta la proxima Madrid 🙂

puma claro says:

I am spanish and I love spain

SuperRonArt says:

@AntiguoShergot, can you show where you heard or read about an apple tree? Everything I have read says that it is a “madroño” — a strawberry tree — that the bear is nibbling on. This is the symbol of Madrid — again from what I have read. 

Ak Abul says:

“Holla” “gracias” buenos dias” the words that i learned in madrid. ^.^

said tigziria says:

madrid is good city

AntiguoShergot says:

I cant believe the incredible mistake you have!!! The famous tree is not a Strawberry tree (in fact, the strawberry dont grow in trees!!!) It’s an APPLE TREE!!!! the bear and the Apple tree!!!.

geobeats says:

Thanks for watching!

Enrique Parellada says:

So Mane, excuse my ignorance about Armenian names but, are you a boy or a girl?
We are waiting for you! Husov yenk’, vor duk’ vayelek’ Madrid 🙂

earo80 says:

love madrid, visited for the first time this year AWESOME CITY

Mac Smith says:

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