TRAVEL VLOG: 3 days in Madrid, Spain | 26 Days in Europe Trip: Ep 2

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◆ ◇HELLO THERE FRIENDS! This was my first time in Europe and I went big or not going home! I spent 26 days in Europe, I travelled to Paris, Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona) and then I hopped on a cruise to travel the Mediterranean! I am sharing my entire experience with you and I hope that you enjoy and feel inspired to make that trip you always wanted to!

I have to say Madrid felt very touristy and mostly what we did was shop (of course) LOL ! But none the less i really enjoyed the food, culture and the people.
NEXTS TOP… VALENCIA SPAIN! See you guys there !



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Afterthoughts… I am beyond grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to all these amazing places, God has blessed me with amazing opportunities that I could not even imagine. My wish is that I am able to have a compensated and complimentary trip to tour Asia! 🙂 … (hey a girl can certainly dream!)

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Keyla London says:

Spain is such a beautiful place! I was expecting hearing you talk more in spanish! Love from Puerto Rico! ❤

Keisha Remmer says:

i think im going on a trip to spain portugal and france next year which is my sophomore year of high school. SO EXCITED !!!

The Urban Native says:

Love the vlog!!

moody says:

I went to the tapas too haha the chorizos are pretty good

Betty Foolio says:

This was fun to watch – y’all had a great time! Anywhere you can post WHERE you went (roof top bar) and you had some yummy looking drink with a flower in it, would be AWESOME! Thanks Miss Yanyi!

Frankie Moore says:

I’m going the’re in April on my rugby Tour. #London Welsh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Jessica Alcala says:

Do you have a list of the shops/markets/malls that you visited in Madrid/Valencia/Barcelona that were not that expensive?

Sandra Enriquez says:

Heyy I really love the resolution on this vid, can I jus ask which camera you used the Canon or the Sony?

Kevin Velásquez says:

Algún día te visitare Madrid!

Delightful Travellers says:

Amazing channel. Well done! We really enjoyed it.

Marina CG says:

Como cuando vas todos los días ahí y no te importa

Imani Christine says:

hey I love this video. I am currently living in Spain and have a new channel with videos about this beautiful country. You should check it out!

Primitive Vitality Travel says:

Fun video from start to end! Thanks guys

wanderingwinny says:

We recently went Madrid as well, agree that it was a bit touristy. But how good was the food though!

Hiba Ezzaidi says:

we have llaollao. in Morocco!!!!!!!

Perry Russoniello says:

//what the fuck was that all about? what a pointless useless travel video. I’d rather watch my grandma’s boring slides of vegas

asteriatic says:

Nice video 🙂

Susanto Sunx says:

hi miss Yanyi .. i Like you channel so much ^^

Kieran Hedley says:

Awesome video! Inspiration for my own vlogs (:

Naz Khan says:

Omg I went to Madrid last year and you have been just about everywhere that I went… so nice

Andalucía Viajes says:

Good vídeo! thanks and kises for you.

Oscar Beltran says:

What area in Madrid do you recommend to stay ?

Bhawna Yadav says:

Any suggestions for which air bnb you stayed in spain ? Need cues and cautions . TIA. Hooked to your vlogs. keep up greatwork :*

DC H says:

your skin looks really bad lol no offense !!!

Think Different says:

Hi,Sexy Baby.

Amandine Cynthia says:

Awesome travel diary. How long have you been making videos?

ImThatGuyYouWishYouWere says:

happy traveling but you girls are very dumb.

Inspiration Travels says:

Lovely! Check out my Madrid Vlog as well 🙂

Nervil says:

I’m Spanish

Brooks Rembert says:

Very inspiring. It looks like you’re having a blast and living life on your own terms. I hope the whole trip went as great as these videos look.

BackHome says:

I hope you like my city! It was amazing definetly 😀

Dovki says:

nice vlog. How long does it take to get to Valencia from Madrid?

Michael Acosta says:

did you guys had diarrhea for the first few days ?? hows the quality of food compare to ny?

WhenHereBecomesHome says:

Love this (:

Shawn St Andre says:

Your having way to much fun love it !!!

GerWiss Videos says:

Very very nice travel vlog miss yanyi!!!!

Bq Murillo says:

Una china creyendo q es americana 100%. Un americano real es el nativo americano.

Lord bukater says:

I wanna go to Spain and experience spanish culture, but I’m afraid of catching a disease. I know the water isn’t safe, are there any special vaccines I need before going there? also how do the spanish treat white people?

TalkThatTalk says:

Hey! Great Vid! Check my Video out, we do similar kind of videos!

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