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SNAPCHAT: shaneicecrystal
PERISCOPE: naturalneiicey

► INSTAGRAM: naturalneiicey

C a m e r a : Canon G7x
S o f t w a r e : Final Cut Pro X
L i g h t i n g : Natural
L o g o B y: Me

♬ Intro Song: Rochelle Jordan – Follow Me♬

** A little glimpse into my life.**


Kitty Gata says:

Omg 9pm there look kinda bright.
Girl in the cab was annoying.
But u lookd cute im glad u had fun

jenny diakabana says:

Does one of you speak spanish?? Was it hard not knowing the language

Queenchar86 says:

Green which loooool… Big up the South London massive

Ambitious Jemz Astrology says:

How do you afford to travel so often? Can you please give us tips?

Being Ofelia says:

I can’t stand seeing your subscription stock at 68k dieing for this channel to pass 100k and grow fast like other channels..
always got great presentation


хорошие шоколадки

frau4bzna says:

Omg, y’all are loud AF
I still like your videos though, but dang.

princeton davis says:

yo your videos are awsome. i was just wondering like how do you afford to travel to all of these places?

Isiah Benitez says:

My dream girls

Bilal kanuteh says:

Nice beautiful

Joy Strickland says:

The masseuse is giving you royal treatment.

T La says:

ya’ll are so beautiful and carefree. I want more BW to feel they can go any where in the world and have the best time!

Bee says:

What hotel was that?

Isiah Benitez says:

Loving watching u girls enjoy life

latisha p3 says:

it’s ok Neiicey ilove u

Jamaal Williams says:

You should repent and turn to the Lord and GOD Jesus Christ and become born again.

MangoKawaiiGamer Hi says:

I love when they go to the club they be littttttt

Isiah Benitez says:

So beautiful they are

Daniesha Byam says:

Where do you shop for your bathing suits?

Saraya R says:

I wish i was there! Love your videos! Very entertaining and never boring..

S SS says:

Who was that guy at 8:54

Tall Tuesday Tayler says:

I love the fact that she is happy her long legs can fit in the tub… yasss tall girl

shamrah07 says:

Love this video… brings back so many memories of my trip to Barcelona in 2015.. I had a fabulous time.

Nneka says:

You do know you need to start a travel channel right? LOL

Juan Pablo de Cordoba says:

Your are so nice and Beautiful, I’am Italian and live in Napoles, I have seen your video in Naples so nice,


Nice 3 baby……………

Rose says:

Didn’t they go to Italy omg I love them

Shelithia Davidson says:

What is the name is the song they song together

Jobbie civanne says:

Niecey I don’t want to be nosey but what do you do? as a 20 yr old in college i feel like i’ll never be able to get a job and afford this life. can you do a budget video or like a life video on how you afford/save/budget to go on these trips

Matrix World says:

I’m so visiting Spain! I absolutely love your videos!

Danielle says:

Ayyyyyyy the intro song! !!!! I love you guys spreading all that black girl magic around the world.

Chico Evans says:

Nice video! Does anyone happen to know the name of the song or artist at the the 28:28 mark? Thanks 🙂

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