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Ksiądz Pączek says:

Watching this after kalel and anthony broke up 🙁

Sierra Barragan says:

at 8:46 there is a rat in the background

Aye Its Adrianna says:

was Obama actually there

raulferrari1 says:

you have to visit Seville! !!

Dilcia Sinclair says:

I was born in spain

Beyond Beauty says:

OMGGGG I live in spain!!!!

Irene ML says:

I live in Spain and I’m Italian/Spanish

Jaime Desu says:

I hope you come to Madrid :p

berni linares says:

WHAT?, YOU KNOW SPANISH?,well, I don’t really care because I got 8 years and I know more spanish than you do, you know why? BECAUSE I’M SPANISH, HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHA.>=)

LilaLovesInternet c: says:

Welp, I just found out that he went to my country… TWO YEARS AGO!
If you excuse me, I’m gonna go to the corner and cry ;–; (Joke xD, but seriously, I’m sad that I didn’t knew this before ;–;)

YuLi NeKo says:

Omg a week ago a was in the some hotel… The W hotel it’s so cool

dragon 4209 says:


Jaime Pardos says:

vete a un carrefour que encuentras crema de cacahuetes

Andrea Munoz says:

My mom and dad lived in Spain.

Juan Francisco Draco Nigrum says:

Before visiting Barcelona you have to visit Madrid

Cimfan heleen says:

ooommmmg I live in Barcelonaa!! I didn’t know you went!! :”(

Marc Simon says:

I live in Barcelona, come back! Hahahahahag

Leyre Ruiz says:

guy watching this video from Spain cause I’m spanisssh

Addison Bellm says:

i have been to spain 12 times my brother works there!!

Time of Tube says:

Is someone interesented in speaking spanish?
Totally free, i am from Spain
And I am interesented in learning more english

maddie Holland says:

thanks obama

Luna - Chan says:

come again joeyyyy plissss i am from spain

Kevin says:

Thanks Obama

GracieEsMe Herro says:

I’m saving up to go to Spain when I’m 16

Dani Rico says:

Hello everybody! I’m Spanish and I find my country the best. I’m not patriotic but Spain has got beautiful beaches, beautiful people (nice and helpful too!) And beautiful cities, monuments and places to visit!
But… Don’t travel too much with Iberia or you will be victim of overbooking! My father travelled two times with Iberia and those two flights were overbooked!
Best wishes 😉

alejandrodlsp - says:

8:42 a rat walking in the street

Isaiah Patrie says:

I feel like they weren’t going to actually take a pic and steal the camera

Unicorn Gaming says:

I went to Spain this year for 2 months with my mom

Victoria clifford says:

Joey and Lily were just ONE HOUR apart from me and i didn’t get to see them…

collins corner says:

I saw you at Barcalona and your boyfriend

Lps AnnaSun says:

I’m here after the Janiel confirmation yaay

Andalucía Viajes says:

Jajajaj… Que simpático y divertido eres amiguete. Gracias por el vídeo de nuestro país. Vente para Andalucía 🙂 Un abrazo.

Arnauew says:

Catalonia is not Spain

alejandrodlsp - says:

That wasnt penaut butter :3 , its a tipical food in spain called pate and its made of pig intestine.

Georgia Griffiths says:

Anybody else here after the JANIEL CONFIRMATION!!!

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