Useful words & phrases for your trip to Spain!

¡Hola amigos!
I practice Spanish with my boyfriend every day, even if its just for 5 or 10 minutes, but before a trip I always like to recap on all the handy and useful words so I can communicate with the locals while we are there.

I thought I would share these with you, so if you are planning a trip to Spain you could use these too!

This is by no means a lesson but more just some useful words & phrases for your trip away.

I hope these help and let me know where you visit in the comments below 🙂

Adios y hasta pronto!

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Azazel Shemgaz says:

Thank you very much!!!

OMLesh says:


Actually we don’t use possessive adjectives to refer to body parts like in English. We say “me duele LA cabeza” that literally translated to English would be “THE head is hurting”.

Sorry if I commited some mistakes, my English is not good at all.

Latioszero X says:

Yo se hablar español y no se como llegue a aquí pero me gusto la muchacha que enseña xDD

Thomas Whitaker says:

Good intro! Thanks, Sasha.

emad balady says:

That was terrific. Thanks! I’m off to Spain for 4 days and have already benefitted from your simple method of teaching, although I question how you managed the simultaneous text display on your own!
Undoubtedly, you’re gifted. Bravo! Well done.

disarmsox says:

Nice video… lovely language. I have a question. How many native Spanish speaking people pronounce the ‘ll’ in Pollo, Llamo, etc as a ‘y’ compared to the ‘j’ sound? Same for the ‘th’ sound in graCIas is sometimes prononced as a ‘ss’ but I’m not sure if this is a latin american thing..

devgene says:

I’m going to Spain next spring break with EF tours and I’m going to a Spanish congregation on Sunday so this video is very helpful. Wish me luck.

上海利麦食品机械有限公司LimaiFoodMachinery says:

thank you

Julio Angel says:

Hi, I’m a native spanish speaker and I would like to exchange messages for improve my english, So, here is my whatsapp (+18098909490) My Facebook

coacheye says:

Good, thanks.

Hallett505 says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video, very useful, easy to follow and enjoyable

ronjamesorchestra says:

Good job! Enjoyed your lesson.

nicedog1 says:

Muchas gracias senorita!

Linkxecp says:

No hay nada mejor que hablar y entender los dos idiomas, by the way, your spanish accent is perfect!

Sasha Little says:

Hola amigos!
I wanted to share some handy useful words with you for your trip to Spain 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Hasta pronto xx

shadizaar says:

You forgot the more important word: Gracias

Bryan Cabacungan says:

Very helpful im going to cuba but i think ill be same spanish

RolandAndOkola says:

This is a great tutorial as you can watch or just listen while sipping your sangria 🙂

Josep Margarit says:

perfect video I usually watch your videos to learn the English pronunciation

Hawa Patel says:


isama altaein says:

Great video very useful thanks

sunlight Sangaadee says:

i like your video , very helpful , thank you for sharing .

Jesus Faith says:

this girl is so hot i want to have sex with her !


Id love to know what apps you think are great to use ? perhaps a video on that ?

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