Visit Barcelona – The DON’Ts of Visiting Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona! The Home of Gaudi & The Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, The Best Beach City in Europe, So Many Great Museums to See, Things to Do & Places to Eat. This video is on the things that tourists and travelers should not do when they come to Barcelona, Spain.
Filmed in Barcelona, Spain
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Barcelona

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Catalunya

Top 10 Sights to Visit in Barcelona

5 Things to Know Before You Visit Barcelona

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Michael Acosta says:

can anybody tell me how the food taste like in spain, is most of the stuuf organic or gmo like the u.s??

Arch Yeomans says:

Seriously. Go see beautiful Girona in the Costa Brava/Pyrenees region as well the ancient Tarragona. There is so much to see in Catalonia that Mark missed. If you stay in Barcelona you are truly missing out on a great cultural experience. Don’t get me wrong, Barcelona is cool and the best large city in Europe (and it has beaches). It’s too bad Mark didn’t show the finer points of Catalan culture, cuisine, festivals like you wouldn’t believe, amazing amazing festivities for families, teens, and nightlife abounds in Catalonia for those who like to party. Catalonia is mountain and sea. You can be whitewater rafting and surfing all within a 3-4 hour drive. Don’t deprive yourself and get outside of Barcelona!

Andres.M says:

Most of Barcelona Citizens party out of the city so people u see at night may be tourists

fred flintstone says:

Please try to make it to Tarragona if you like ancient Rome.
It was a pleasant day trip from Barcelona. I saw artifacts there I did not see in Rome.
There is a very nice museum in Tarragona.

Niall Traynor says:

Stay in the El Born area! Best area of the city, nice relaxed atmosphere with great food and drink and make sure to eat at Salero, the gyoza are incredible.

Rod Severson says:

And never have you’re wallet in you’re back pocket, it’s best to have it in you’re right front pocket. That’s where you’re hand is so maybe you can grab their hand and yell; ” Policia “.

A Alekhine says:

Sad, sad day in Barcelona….

Jim1971a says:

Barcelona has had this pick-pocketing issue for so long. Why can’t they get this under control? They are hurting their reputation. I’ve been to Spain 10 times but never to Barcelona for this exact issue.

Joel Delizo says:

We bought our tickets for the Sagrada Familia online. No need to have a printer. They will send you a pdf of the ticket, bring your phone with you to the assigned time, the employees scan it, you’re in. We did the same thing for Park Güell.

mastermind says:


Matthias Riehl says:

What do you think about El Nacional Barcelona, technical it is still the same street but the building is just to gorgeous to not eat there?

alondra rojas says:

Well Barcelona do what they can cleaning the beaches, but I think is some people education who rush everything on the floor also tourists who come only for party and get drug…. no respect

waah waher says:

Can we punch the pickpockets?

Miquel Vico says:

Yep, the law here basically makes it so if they pickpocket/steal something below 500€ it’s a misdemeanor, and they don’t stack, so basically the most the cops can do is take them to the station book them and let them go. Also, spanish beer is way stronger than yours, so pace yourself, and sangria is the most treacherous drink you will ever have, it’s all fruity and shit, and suddenly, kablam!
Oh and drop the “tortilla española, it’s tortilla de patatas.

Varheim says:

#1 Don’t go there
#2 Go to the real Spain

Radar Man says:

when i went to sagrada familia it was booked FOR 3 DAYS AFTER THE DAY I CAME. EVEN AT 7AM.

Taylor Elizabeth says:

great video! helpful since I just booked a trip to Spain!

Jon Blake says:

The Spanish are Cowards throwing up white flags to Terrorism like France has

Magda Gorrea says:

Maybe people like you should stay at home, Spain particularly Barcelona is the best place in Europe, is people like you that gives the place a bad reputation

Tara ni says:

Thank you!

liam says:

#1. Don’t in Barcelona: If someone offers you something on the beach for free and tries to thrust it into your hands, DO NOT ACCEPT.

35Justme1 says:

What month has the least amount of crowds/tourist, basically off season?

jo bone says:

hotel r not cheap

rebelyell1983x says:

How does Barcelona not have the pickpocket situation under control yet?? It’s been decades.

VictorCrowne says:

no wonder you can’t get served food before 1pm, if most of their population is getting hammered until 4-5am….

MrWisemasterful says:

It’s the Gypsies (or Rom) who do the pick pocketing. They train for it from childhood and are extremely good.

rene ibarlucea says:

don’t accept drinks from anyone because you might find yourself in the morning without one of your organs. specially at the primavera festival.

BrightBlue1111 says:

I’ve wanted to visit ever since watching Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Spain on a Fork says:

Some outstanding tips, Great video

嘿嘿 says:

Actually there’s a lot of places that you can eat before noon, maybe “some” restaurants wont open until noon, but a lot of bars that you can buy some food.

Superamazing channel says:

if someone tries to pickpocket me i’ll punch them

MADrio bros says:

The police doesn’t laugh at you, basically they can’t do nothing.

The problem is that the laws says, if you steal something and it’s under 400€ value, it’s consider minor offenses. Minor offenses in Spain doesn’t make you go to jail, no matter how many times you relapse, only gives you a money penality (And usually the people who does the pickpocketing are insolvent , so few days later they are stealing again). Only if it rise more than 400€ it’s consider crime, which means there is a possibility to get in prison… But the people who does that know it too :/

Yes… it has to change… but till then….

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