Visit Madrid – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Madrid, Spain

The Capital of Spain, Madrid has a ton of amazing tourist sights to check out, but there are tons more cultural things that might shock you about visiting Madrid. From Helpful & Hot Police Officers to Amazing Museums to the Fact That Tourists Can’t Keep Up with the Locals to how much the locals smoke in Spain. Madrid is Amazing!

10 Things That Will Shock Tourists about Visiting Madrid, Spain.
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Aimara Rojas says:

You should visit Galicia and the rest of the northern part of Spain. It is completely different than the rest of Spain.

David Ornelas says:

I loved the city of Madrid and it has good and bad things like any other city in the world.  What shocked me the most was  gypsy women (near Puerta de Alcala)  trying to rip people off offering rosemary  and wanting to read the palm of my hand, demanding 20 euros. Of course I refused to give this crazy woman  money; she harassed me and got extremely nasty.    Beware of these creepy people,  and yes, I agree!  A lot of people smoke all over!

aesthetics says:

I’m going to Rome in October and I’ve heard there are lots of pickpockets. Could you do a video on most likely places, how to avoid them, etc? It’d be really helpful!

Richard Lynch says:

Nicely done, again. Not the usual BS you get from people who spend a week and pretend.

Romario Gomez says:

You mentioned August is hot I’m planning on going beginning of September. Is the weather nice at that time ?

Bill Green says:

Mark, I was disappointed to hear you talk about the paella with the sign that featured 10 different version of paella. This sounds like Paellador restaurant which is also in Lisbon. When I was in Lisbon I had the paella at that restaurant and it was one of the best meals I had during my trip. Maybe it’s not as good in Madrid.

PartyPat says:

Spot on with the Cops. We missed our flight a couple months back so we decided to walk around and just see what we could find. We walked into what was a random government building and the police officer there was curious as to why we were there. We explained what happened and the guy ended up taking us on a tour after his shift of the surrounding area and explaining basically the history of Madrid. It was awesome

Clara Maria Garcia says:

I’m going to Madrid in 2 weeks, loved this video! Thanks for sharing!

Jon Iglesias says:

A little Paella tip at Madrid: every Thursday mostly all restaurants have it on the day menu(although is not on the normal menu every day)
Is a tradition in the city because the king of spain usually went out to eat on thursdays and Paella is his favorite food, so the local restaurants normally served it to see if they got lucky and the king visits they’re place. Although is not really easy to find a very good one the average is pretty good.Near Plaza mayor and Sol is the old city hood called La Latina and got some nice places. 
But the most typical dishes here are Cocido Madrileño(superb stew), Calamari sandwich, and Tortilla de patatas. Try to find Top10 charts and you’ll do fine

4 scoops GODDAMMIT says:

5 meals a day? I’m eating my 24th meal today

Morena Linda says:

Hey, Wolter have you been to La feria de Sevilla (Seville April Fair)??? The huge festival that they do in Seville every year after Easter. And could you do a video on it please? There aren’t many travel videos on it I kind of would like to know if its worth going lol for tourists

chema1994 says:

As a spanish guy myself I would completly drop the paella in Madrid unless you are 100% sure about the place.

Jenny Ferreira says:

you have to visit Madeira Island. Im sure you will love it

Aa Artist says:

I plan my trips now a days from your videos. Thanks for taking out the time and sharing. X

SNOOpi DoOPs! says:

Bro go vegan. You barely can breathe just standing

Nikkie says:

Great Mark! I’ll be in Madrid tomorrow for my birthday weekend. Quick question, I’m thinking about doing a day trip to Toledo. Do you think it’s worth it or stay in Madrid?

Yuma Dayz says:

Wolter, would you happen to know where the best place to buy a (real) Flamenco guitar? Which guitar maker is recommended? I’m actually living in Rota, but will travel to where the best deal is. If you know….

15anerachoreographer says:

Secret: don’t eat so much fast food and EXERCISE!! Oh, don’t sport a stupid ponytail. Fat guys don’t look good in ponytails. You’re Welcome!

Rod Severson says:

And be VERY careful at the ATM machines, those little gypsies will distract you and try to get you’re cash. Also don’t let them shine you’re shoes, it will be the most expensive shoe shine, it happened to me in Seville…Just ignore them, don’t look at them, and don’t talk to them because they’re sizing you up to steal from you…

Diego Blah says:

I would recommend eating from two o’clock onwards and get away from the restaurants that tourist guides leave you near of to avoid some “tourist traps”

Benjamin Iveagh says:

Mark Wolters is the KING of europe tips. Dude, I’ve traveled lots in the past few years, and you BY FAR have the most comprehensive regarding culture and food.

Diego Antolin Garcia Soto says:

Jajajja jajaja, I’m from Madrid. And I’m watching this video after coming from a party at 3am because I have exams and do feel like a grandma

Williamkurk says:

10:15 – Bonus SHOCK: You can hit the tourist LOL! I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but her reaction is golden!

Guilherme Vieira says:

Pretty good video, realy nice Speech, easy language.

Pedro Barbosa Luís says:

They do stuff so late because they should follow GMT time zone.

mates in madrid says:

This is cool! As expats we completely agree with all that you said. Head to our VLOG.. as it will give you a laugh.

Γιώργος Γιώργος says:

Dude have you ever used the train in Athens greece i think i have saw you in person

Fabian Müller says:

Love it! The Retiro is my favourite place there, too! Immaculate taste 🙂

Alexei Romanov says:

My FAVORITE city in the world is, MADRID. Gorgeous Mysterious and Sensual city. Salutations from, USA!

Shelagh Jackson says:

Carlos: They serve a sort of pie/quiche/omelette made with eggs and potatoes, it’s really delicious. Can’t recall the name of it right now.

J McCann says:

I live in Madrid and its true that loads of people smoke compared to other countries, especially more hand rolled tobacco

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