Visit Segovia – What to See, Do & Eat in Segovia, Spain

Segovia is an excellent day trip from Madrid. Located only 1.5 hours by bus or 30 minutes by fast AVE trains from Madrid, Segovia gives travelers a great set of tourist options if you are looking for a day trip from Madrid or a cool place to stay in Spain. Segovia has a number of museums and churches to explore, however the three main sights in the city are the Roman Aqueduct, the cathedral and the Alcazar castle which they say inspired Walt Disney with his Castle.
There are also a number of special things to eat when you are in Segovia, from the bean stew to suckling pig to ponche segoviano a tasty cake you will not go home hungry. Segovia is an amazing place for travelers, tourists, vacationers or just someone looking for a cute town in Spain.
Filmed in Segovia, Spain
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Abhishek Verma says:

If you had choose one between Toleda and Segovia, which one would visit? I am in same dilemma 🙂

AmbossTV says:

Cool, I’ve been there once when I visited a friend of mine in Madrid and totally forgot about it. Just saw your thumbnail and remembered the day. Time flies.

Sofia Ciniglio says:

I studied abroad there!! Oh my god I am soooooooooo thrilled that you posted this! It truly brings back memories! Thanks so much Mark!!

Europeans Around The World says:

Great! Keep it up.

Giacomo Locati says:

You should really visit the Alps (especially the dolomites) and make a video on that. Anyways, great video as always!

Mario Perez says:

the Castle wow!!

ecuadordean says:

You talk a little too fast!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Patel says:

My husband and I recently went to Rome and we watched your videos on Rome before visiting. I’ve now subscribed as I love how factual your videos are.

Mrbarbel Barbello says:

Interesting. Thanks for uploading.

Learning guitar says:

Laba diena 🙂 I have an idea for u. It would be really interesting to see the location on the map at the beginning of the video 🙂 Google maps would do.

Kari H says:

What a lovely place. Thank you for good pictures/video.

Laura García Higuera says:

ole Segovia!!!

Angel Gurgutov says:

4:24 AAAAAA that little girl on the back XDDDDD … m/ HORNS UP BABEEE

Tewdy Quew says:

Looking at a dead baby pig is suppose to make one look forward to eating it? Yuck.

CrankyBubushka says:

Wow. What a beautiful place. Some day sigh….

mandymoo745 says:

I have a nosy question… how do you afford to do all the traveling? I’m pretty jealous, lol.

Tanner Wilson says:

I want to see you do more Asia/Pacific Rim Trips and tips!

Kittie Black says:

Hey Mark, I love your videos. They’re so informative. Could you possibly do a video on what backpacks you recommend for backpacking through Europe based on quality, size, features, etc? If you can’t, thank you anyway for your consideration. Happy traveling 🙂

Joe McCusker says:

Mark, could you do a video on Nashville, Tennessee if you have not already? Sorry if you did, I am new to this channel. You are very helpful and have inspired me to travel in the future. I am young, but I want to travel to Europe. Thank You.

qemdrive says:

I think that girl was actually giving you the bird

Oliver Watts says:

Looking forward to the day you come to Malaga, I moved here 11 years ago when I was 9 from the UK and it’s amazing! So much to see and do and it hasn’t been spoiled by tourism yet 🙂

Ekain Munduate says:

Are you visiting the Basque Country?

Christiaan Pop Shahandeh says:

Love the vlogs – and Youtube just recommended “What to eat in Iceland” so I’m going to have my breakfast and watch that one as well. CHEERS !!!

Ben Graves says:

How do you deal with internet access abroad? Are you worried about insecure wifi when accessing banking and other important websites?

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