What to do in Madrid, Spain | 36 Hour Travel Videos | The New York Times

Explore everything from culture to cuisine during a weekend in the Spanish capital.

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If you are wondering what to do in Madrid when you visit watch the video as we take you into the attractions and food of this beautiful city in Spain.

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What to do in Madrid, Spain | 36 Hour Travel Videos | The New York Times


222222e says:

I’m going here and 2 months but my Spanish sucks. I hope I can get around alright.

Daniel Martín Agost says:

Es un vídeo sin alma. Topicazos, cool, fashion. Un Madrid que solo existe para los modernos que no tienen gusto personal y se dejan llevar por las tendencias.

Javier Sánchez says:

Ok. Video is nice, but you could have included the food, the wine, people’s personality, more arquitecture…

jeff smith says:

I speak a little Spanish but not a whole lot. Would that be a big problem or not to big a deal if I were to travel to spain?

We the Europeans says:

me parece un video hecho para que los americanitos se sientan bien en madrid, ósea como en otra ciudad de USA o como en londres o berlin.
otro video para atraer a los americanitos en busqueda de algo no demasiado diferente para que no se sientan perturbados.

Ilhem Bench says:

Nice video that shows a very modern side of the spanish capital

Philly Philly says:

Madrid im comming to yoooou!!!!

Joachim Werner says:

Who made this video, 60 year old art history professional? Ridiculous

Tuula Westra says:

Fabulosa Madrid, lo quiero mucho, su gente, su musica, su comida. Saludo caliente desde Finlandia.

s b says:

I will be visiting Spain next year. i don’t know whether we should visit Madrid or Barcelona.

fernie says:

soy mexicana y voy a ir a madrid en el verano con universitarios americanos pero yo quiero conocer como lo que es. gente local, que me recomienda??

Juan Díaz de Solís says:

I’m madrilenian (madrileño) 46 years old. This is not Madrid. This is the fantasy of the people who speak in the video and people like them. Madrid has many nice things, but aren’t those which are they talking about. I don’t like this efforce trying to convert Madrid as a city like London, Berlin or Amsterdam. Madrid is not a place of silly boys buying silly clothes with silly hats, drinking crappy coffe in americans coffe shops. This bloody people is  destroying mi dear Madrid. In fact, I’m leaving soon. I can’t recognize yet my dear Madrid. Lo diré en español: este vídeo es una mierda fomentada por tanto majadero que abarrota este mundo, empeñados en concertir a todo el planeta en un lugar de retardados donde todos se creen modernos porque hacen las mismas payasadas sin sustancia. A la mierda tanto gilipollas, ya hombre

Fernando says:


Dany_rulez says:

Nunca te lo perdonaré Carmena

Khaled Lolo says:

i loveeeeeeeeee madrid always

kirikiko5 says:

Buen video, le faltó alguna siesta pero buen video.

North Star TV says:

I was just there! Does anyone in this comment section want to check out the video I made while I was staying there?

Alvaro Lara says:

“The best country for the nightlife is Madrid”


Ahmad AL-HAJI says:

I am in love with Madrid. Can’t wait to see it again.

Bruno N. says:

Madrid is the city of thrash, homeless people, drunk idiots and pollution.

Im A Fanboy says:

Uff, one day I gotta visit Madrid, Paris and end in London. Maybe Berlin too

Francesco Arellano says:

Viva Espana, delicious, historic, friendly and above all cosmopolitan like any. Los gatos madrilenos lo mejor. Lots of fun places and friends to meet. Wify and I had a fabulous grastronomic trip to Madrid. Miss the jamon de bellotas, pulpo gallego y los churros con chocolate. Hay madre mia, te extrano Madrid! Saludos desde Arizona.

fernie says:

is madrid expensive? i have a student budget?

MrQbenDanny says:

Viva Madrid!
But, it’s very, very, expensive. New YORK is a bargain compared.

Stacy Hand says:

I am going to Madrid Spain!

Danilo Nellas says:

Viva el rey!

AntiTodo says:

Soy español pero no nací en Madrid. Mi patria es León. Sin embargo, vine a Madrid para estudiar hace un par de años y descubrí una ciudad maravillosa *___*

Moonsabie says:

spanirds are some of the most fantastic designers.

Hernan FC says:

im from Madrid and some things about this video are true but I have to admit Madrid is very dirty too and some neighborhoods are dangerous, it isnt all so perfec like in the video

Anna Borg says:

I make travel videos and have a video up on my channel of my explorations of Madrid – please go check it out, it’d mean a lot to me! Thanks x

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